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Lebanon:  Joint open letter on the occasion of the Association Council EU-Lebanon

April 6, 2006  |   Human Rights Defenders, Urgent campaigns

Lebanon:  The Implementation of the EU-Lebanon Association Agreement Must Be Based on Respect for Human Rights

March 29, 2006

Lebanon:  Lebanon: Acts of slandering and intimidation against Mr. Ghassan Abdallah

December 27, 2005  |   Human Rights Defenders

Lebanon:  Lebanon: Harassment and lawsuit against Mr Muhamad Mugraby

March 2, 2005  |   Human Rights Defenders

Lebanon:  Lebanon: repression of a pacific gathering

April 8, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders

Lebanon:  Lebanon: Arrest of human rights activist.

September 10, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Lebanon:  Lebanon: killing of Mr. Irani

May 24, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Lebanon:  Lebanon: violent repression of a student demonstration, many wounded

October 18, 2000  |   Urgent campaigns

Lebanon:  Lebanon: charges

September 27, 2000  |   Human Rights Defenders

Lebanon:  Lebanon: detention of displaced Sudanese

August 16, 2000  |   Urgent campaigns

'Israel/Lebanon: Khiam Detention Centre abandoned after withdrawal of Israeli Defence Forces

June 22, 2000  |   Violence against women  |  Israel, Lebanon

Israel: 61 year old man detained in Khiam

May 17, 2000  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Israel, Lebanon

Lebanon:  Lebanon: Harassment / risk of arrest

May 5, 2000  |   Human Rights Defenders

srael/Lebanon: physical and psychological integrity of Qozet Ibrahim, 25, a free-lance journalist, and Najwa Samhat

April 12, 2000  |   Violence against women  |  Israel, Lebanon

'Israel/Lebanon: fear of torture of three South Lebanese prisoners

March 29, 2000  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Israel, Lebanon