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China:  Enforced disappearance and incommunicado detention

August 31, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  China

Sudan:  Release of Dr. Mohammed Julal Hashim

August 30, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Sudan

Iran:  Release of Ms. Haleh Esfandiari and fear for safety

August 28, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Iran

Colombia:  Attack against a member of the Junta Comunal de la Floresta in El Castillo

August 23, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Colombia

Chile:  Concerns of OMCT for the personal integrity of Mr. Wailkilaf Cadin Calfunao

August 22, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Chile

Myanmar (ex-Burma):  Burma: Arbitrary arrest of several democracy leaders subsequent to peaceful protests

August 22, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Myanmar (ex-Burma)

Sudan:  Release of three lawyers and Mr. Osman Shammat but extended detention of Dr. Mohammed Julal Hashim

August 20, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Sudan

Algeria:  Forced disappearance of Mr. Mohamed Rahmouni

August 17, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Algeria

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention and allegation of sexual abuse and ill-treatment

August 17, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Mexico

Nepal:  Arbitrary detention and acts of torture; Fear for psychological and physical integrity

August 14, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Nepal

Colombia:  Civilians attacked by members of the regular army in a touristic site

August 14, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Colombia

Mexico:  Brief detention and ill-treatment against Mr. Leonardo Hernández Escandón

August 10, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Mexico

El Salvador:  Conditional release under charges of acts of terrorism and illicit association

August 10, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  El Salvador

Algeria:  Arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances

August 10, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Algeria

Greece:  Release but risk of deportation remains

August 10, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Greece