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Iran:  Stop the harassment of Ms. Shirin Ebadi!

December 30, 2008

Iran:  Deterioration of Mr. Mohamad Sadigh Kaboudvand's health condition while arbitrarily detained

December 22, 2008

Iran:  Closure of the only independent human rights NGO in Iran

December 22, 2008

Iran:  Release on bail of Ms. Negin Sheikholeslami

December 16, 2008

Iran:  Sentencing of Mr. Youssef Azizi Bani-Torof to five years' imprisonment

November 17, 2008

Iran:  Release on bail of Ms. Esha Momeni

November 12, 2008

Iran:  Sentencing of Ms. Masoumeh Zia to one year suspended imprisonment

November 12, 2008

Iran:  Sentencing of Mr. Yasser Goli to 15 years in prison

November 12, 2008

Iran:  Increased harassment of women human rights defenders

November 5, 2008

Iran:  Arbitrary detention of Ms. Negin Sheikholeslami

October 31, 2008

Iran:  Confirmation in appeal of the sentence of Mr. Mohamad Sadigh Kaboudvand to 11 years' imprisonment

October 28, 2008

Iran:  Arbitrary arrest and subsequent detention of Ms. Esha Momen

October 20, 2008

Malaysia bans Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi from taking the floor at a forum organised by the civil society

October 14, 2008  |  Iran, Malaysia

Iran:  Sentencing of four women human rights defenders to six months in prison

September 5, 2008

Iran:  Quashing of the death sentence of Mr. Adnan Hassanpour

September 5, 2008