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China:  Continued incommunicado detention of Mr. Li Ming-Che

April 19, 2017

China:  Incommunicado detention of Mr. Li Ming-Che

April 5, 2017

China:  Free Li Ming-Che: Joint Statement from NGOs

March 30, 2017

China:  Joint Letter to the Human Rights Council calling for a sustaining attention to human rights violations in China

February 17, 2017

China:  Incommunicado detention of human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong

January 9, 2017

China:  Very concerning health condition and allegations of torture and ill-treatment of Guo Feixiong

August 3, 2016

China:  Concerning health condition and ongoing arbitrary detention of Guo Feixiong

July 13, 2016

China:  WHRDIC condemns closure of women’s legal aid center in China

February 9, 2016

China:  The Government Must Respect Due Process and Uphold the Rule of Law: A call for the Release of 36 Illegally Detained Human Rights Lawyers and Defenders

January 15, 2016

China:  Prominent rights defence lawyer Mr. Shu Xiangxin sentenced to six months in prison

January 12, 2016

China:  Free Shu Xiangxin, rights defence lawyer tortured in custody

January 6, 2016

China:  Sentencing and ongoing arbitrary detention of prominent Buddhist leader, Mr. Wu Zeheng,as well as some of his followers

November 25, 2015

China:  Arbitrary arrest of at least nine women's and LGBTI rights defenders

March 13, 2015

China:  Ongoing arbitrary detention, judicial harassment, slandering campaign and ill-treatment of Mr. Wu Zeheng and more than 20 of his followers

March 12, 2015

China:  Ill treatment, arbitrary arrest and judicial harassment of Mr. Wu Zeheng

August 27, 2014