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Bahrain:  Judicial harassment and travel ban against 22 human rights activists ahead of Bahrain's UPR

April 28, 2017  |  Bahrain

Cambodia:  #FreeThe5KH, arbitrarily detained for one year

April 28, 2017  |  Cambodia

Ecuador:  Jimpikit Agustín Wachapá Atsasu released after 4 months of arbitrary detention but his criminalisation is ongoing

April 27, 2017  |  Ecuador

Turkey:  Conviction and sentence against Dr. Serdar Küni (T?HV)

April 26, 2017  |  Turkey

Maldives:  Murder of human rights activist and blogger Yameen Rasheed

April 25, 2017  |  Maldives

Bahrain:  Appeal to release Nabeel Rajab and Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and concern over their deteriorating health

April 25, 2017  |  Bahrain

Colombia:  Assassination of indigenous leader Gerson Acosta Salazar

April 21, 2017  |  Colombia

Turkey:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Ms. Ay?e Dicle, Co-Chair of MEYA-DER

April 20, 2017  |  Turkey

United Arab Emirates:  Joint Statement: Free prominent rights defender Ahmed Mansoor, held on speech-related charges

April 20, 2017  |  United Arab Emirates

Honduras:  Carta a la Corte Suprema de Justicia: Petición de admisión y declaración con lugar de la acción de inconstitucionalidad presentada en contra de los decretos que autorizan el proyecto hidroeléctrico Agua Zarca

April 19, 2017  |  Honduras

China:  Continued incommunicado detention of Mr. Li Ming-Che

April 19, 2017  |  China

Colombia:  Various attacks against members of Congreso de los Pueblos

April 14, 2017  |  Colombia

Turkey:  Conviction of human rights lawyer Muharrem Erbey

April 14, 2017  |  Turkey

Ecuador:  Arbitrary detention of indigenous leader Jimpikit Agustín Wachapá Atsasu

April 14, 2017  |  Ecuador

Peru:  Acquittal of the 16 human rights defenders from Cajamarca who were being criminalised

April 14, 2017  |  Peru