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Egypt:  Torture and ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy

September 22, 2017  |  Egypt

Morocco:  Arbitrary detention of Messrs. Hamid El Mahdaoui and Rabie Al-Albak

September 22, 2017  |  Morocco

Argentina:  Actos difamatorios y amenazas contra José Ernesto Schulman, Secretario Nacional de la LADH

September 21, 2017  |  Argentina

Uganda:  Shooting of Mr. James Rukanpana and judicial harassment of four other TLC members

September 21, 2017  |  Uganda

Congo, Democratic Republic:  Poursuite de la détention arbitraire de MM. Mbuya, Tshibitshabu, Omari Omba, Mbuya Kwecha et Mulenda

September 19, 2017  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

China:  Ongoing arbitrary and incommunicado detention of Mr. Wang Quanzhang

September 19, 2017  |  China

Cambodia:  Pre-trial detention of Messrs. Hun Vannak and Doem Kundy, two members of ‘Mother Nature Cambodia’

September 15, 2017  |  Cambodia

France:  Ongoing judicial harassment of Mr. Cédric Herrou

September 14, 2017  |  France

Egypt:  Abduction and arbitrary and incommunicado detention of Mr. Ibrahim Metwally Hegazy

September 13, 2017  |  Egypt

Honduras:  12 personas defensoras detenidas arbitrariamente y sometidas a tortura/malos tratos y 45 criminalizada en la UNAH

September 12, 2017  |  Honduras

India:  Murder of prominent journalist Ms. Gauri Lankesh

September 12, 2017  |  India

France:  La France continue de harceler les défenseurs des droits des personnes migrantes

September 11, 2017  |  France

Philippines:  Extrajudicial killings and attacks against human rights defenders surge under Duterte

September 8, 2017  |  Philippines

France:  Harcèlement judiciaire du défenseur des droits des personnes migrantes et réfugiées M. Pierre-Alain Mannoni

September 7, 2017  |  France

Mexico:  Comunicado conjunto: Sexenio de EPN, letal para personas defensoras de DH; 106 ejecutados extrajudicialmente y 81 desaparecidos; incremento constante de casos

September 6, 2017  |  Mexico