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OMCT’s experience has enabled it to develop specific sets of activities aimed at reinforcing the SOS-Torture network and empowering and protecting its members. Likewise it engages in a range of activities aimed at eradicating torture and other human rights violations that fall within its mandate by means of prevention, denunciation, awareness raising, training, advocacy, proceedings against perpetrators, and assistance to and rehabilitation of victims.

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Angola:   Ongoing judicial harassment of Mr. Rafael Marques de Morais

April 3, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Angola

Russian Federation:  Physical assault of Mr. Sirazhutdin Datsiyev

April 3, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Russian Federation

Greece:  Break-in and arson attack of the Afghan Community Centre and threats targeting the Hellenic League for Human Rights by an extreme right-wing group

March 30, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Greece

Spain:  Declaración Pública: La campaña de descrédito contra una rigurosa investigación sobre la tortura refleja una falta de voluntad para garantizar la no repetición de los hechos

March 29, 2018  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Statements  |  Spain

Congo, Democratic Republic:  Harcèlement judiciaire à l'encontre des membres du Filimbi et LUCHA

March 29, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Thailand:  Sentencing of Mr. Andy Hall, a migrant labour rights researcher.

March 28, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Thailand

Belarus:  Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of seven observers of the Human Rights Center Viasna and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC), and obstacles to the right to peaceful assembly.

March 28, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Belarus

Philippines:  Slanderous comments made by two high-level Government officials against human rights NGOs

March 28, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Philippines

Cameroon:  Harcèlement judiciaire des six membres de Dynamique Citoyenne

March 27, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Cameroon

Tajikistan:  Joint Submission to the Committee against Torture on the Review of Tajikistan, 63rd Session, April/May 2018

March 27, 2018  |  Reports and Publications  |  Tajikistan

Guatemala:  Ataque físico en contra de Jorge Santos, Coordinador General de UDEFEGUA

March 26, 2018  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Guatemala

Poland:  Polish Parliament Must Protect Women’s Health and Rights

March 22, 2018  |   Violence against women  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Poland

Mexico:  Consejo de Derechos Humanos 37º periodo de sesiones: Intervención oral de la Organización Mundial Contra la Tortura (OMCT) con la Coalición Colombiana Contra la Tortura (CCCT)

March 22, 2018  |  Statements  |  Mexico

Mexico:   Inter-American Commission on Human Rights holds important hearing on implications of Mexico’s new Internal Security Law

March 22, 2018  |  Statements  |  Mexico

Burundi:  Déclaration orale de la FIACAT, Centre CCPR, OMCT et Trial International 37ème session du Conseil des droits de l’homme – Dialogue groupé avec la Commission d’enquête sur le Burundi et le compte-rendu oral du Haut-Commissaire

March 22, 2018  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Statements  |  Burundi